Creating a new, unique shared workspace: A Case Study


A look at how we developed a case study that has been shared with organizations across North America and Europe.

Reflecting Learnings in a Case Study 

When three Canadian philanthropic foundations determined there was benefit to develop a unique shared work space they wanted to ensure their learnings were captured in a Case Study that could be shared broadly. IL Consulting was engaged to undertake the research and prepare the Case Study. It has been shared with organizations across North America and Europe.

How we Approached This Project

  1.   The list of those who had contributed to the development of the new workspace included the lead foundation CEOs, architect, real estate agency, office designer, legal counsel and several other philanthropic foundations CEOs and EDs who had contributed to the planning process (some of whom also chose to become tenants in the new space). IL Consulting was introduced to everyone via an email inviting them to be part of the research process.
  2.   IL Consulting developed a detailed study questionnaire, and established and conducted 23 meetings (most of which were face-to-face). The questions were based on the pre-identified sections to be included in the final Case Study document.
  3.   Following completion of the meetings, a summary of key findings was prepared and shared with the project lead.
  4.   With input from the project lead the detailed Case Study was written and approved, including a list of 20 Key Learnings.
  5.   The Case Study, once finalized was shared broadly within the across the philanthropic sector and continues to be available online.

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