Stakeholder Benchmark Study


A look at how we helped a client build deeper relationships with key stakeholders.

How a Detailed, Targeted Benchmark Study Led to Deeper Stakeholder Relationships

This client wanted to build deeper relationships with his key stakeholders, particularly those who appreciated the work they did together and were most likely to consider enhancing their partnership. Options included a “fill-in-the-blanks” survey (hard copy and online) and one-on-one interviews. Working with IL Consulting, he chose to implement a detailed but targeted benchmark study that included one-on-one interviews. The outcome gave him a deeper understanding of why certain stakeholders chose to work in partnership with his organization and allowed him to focus his limited resources (time and money) on continuing to enhance his relationship with this group of stakeholders.

How We Approached This Project

  1.   After developing a detailed implementation strategy we worked with the client to segment his stakeholders into three groups: those with whom strong relationships already existed; a second group that included stakeholders who might be interested in building stronger relationships and a third group of those who had shown little or limited interest in building an ongoing relationship.
  2.   IL Consulting was introduced to each potential benchmark survey contact via email sent directly from the client. IL Consulting followed up directly with each contact to establish a time for a 15 – 20 minute benchmark discussion.
  3.   A detailed benchmark discussion document was prepared and the key questions were shared with the participating contacts in advance of the discussion. Notes captured stakeholder input. Twenty-two stakeholders participated in one-on-one discussions.
  4.   All discussion notes were reviewed for trends, consistency in responses, opportunities, issues and a detailed summary report including five recommendations based on the findings was prepared.
  5.   The client implemented several of the recommendations.

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