Policy Development


A look at how we helped a client create a modern, accessible policy.

Accessible Policies that Empower Staff

Several IL Consulting clients have faced a similar situation – their existing Human Resource policies were not up to date with respect to legislation and workplace regulations or current sector practices. As these were all relatively small, non-unionized organizations the policy documents needed to be thorough but as accessible and clear as possible in terms of language and guidance provided to all staff.

How We Approached This Project

  1.   Working with the client, IL Consulting identified the sections that required updates or inclusions specific to current workplace and employment regulations. In addition, IL Consulting determined new policy elements required.
  2.   IL Consulting gathered samples of HR policies from a variety of similar organizations and reviewed these documents for current language and policy approaches to regulated requirements.
  3.   With this background in hand, IL Consulting revised policies ensuring consistency and completeness
    while addressing the need for accessible, clear language.
  4.   Following presentation and input from the client, an approach to communicating policy changes to staff was determined. In some cases, IL Consulting directly supported the ED or CEO in the communication process.

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