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Our work leads to your success

It’s a commitment we take seriously and it has been the cornerstone of IL Consulting since 1998. We bring experience in senior leadership and volunteer positions with publicly-traded and private companies, the broader public sector (government, agencies, hospitals, school boards) and the not-for-profit sector.

Today we focus on professional services that help companies and organizations better manage change and prepare for future success. Specifically we focus on internal and external communications, strategy planning and implementation, fundraising and philanthropic projects, stakeholder and volunteer engagement initiatives, and reputation and issues management strategies.

How can we help?

IL Consulting services address requirements in all sectors for short-term, ongoing and project-based senior level thinking, planning and implementation. The firm has significant senior leadership experience – staff and volunteer – in the healthcare, social service, not-for-profit, charity, technology and education sectors.

Corporate Communications

Based on the strategic goals of your organization IL Consulting focuses on insightful analysis to develop actionable plans that get results. Areas of specialty include:

•  Strategic communications plans

•  Change management strategies

•  Benchmark studies and communications audits

•  Stakeholder and employee engagement strategies

•  Service and product launches and campaigns

•  Spokesperson training and coaching

Corporate Affairs

Whether the goal is an effective relationship with volunteers, a compelling message for government stakeholders, a successful meeting or small conference, implementation of a new regulation or policy, or a stronger relationship between board members and staff IL Consulting develops and delivers unique ideas and approaches.

•  Volunteer development

•  Communicating with government stakeholders

•  Event planning, sponsorship and management

•  Regulatory compliance implementation strategies

•  Board relationship and communications

Philanthropy Counsel and Fund Development

IL Consulting helps clients build and strengthen their donor base using proven relationship-based strategies to address current and future needs through a sustainable fund development approach.

•  Benchmark studies and fund development audits

•  Sustainability plans

•  Major gift and planned giving strategies

•  Event sponsorship

Interim Assignments

IL Consulting steps in to quickly fill the gap created through re-organization, leaves and secondments, and to meet the exceptional requirements of major projects and special events. Also available to provide day-to-day, off-site support for communications and fundraising when permanent staffing is not possible or practical.

•  Short or long-term

•  Ongoing and part-time


How do we do our work?

The two Partners, Sandra Cruickshanks and Tom McCauley work together or separately, depending on the requirements of a project. We also have an informal network of individuals we can call on to support the unique requirements of any project. Our network includes experienced professionals who we can call on to assist with strategic planning, writing, facilitation, human resources, graphic arts and design and event planning.

How can we help? As your trusted advisors let us assess your needs, propose a solution that fits your requirements and achieves the goal on time and on budget. To put it simply, we know how to get things done effectively.

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